Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 4, 2010: Washington - Reading for Free, Reading for Money, Caramelization Inspiration

A quiet morning at home reading. I wanted to get through Connie Willis' 'Lincoln's Dreams' soon, immersing myself in details of the Civil War before visiting Arlington Cemetery. I also couldn't resist flipping through the new books I'd picked up at the library the day before, particularly the one about green roofs.

By early afternoon I was feeling a bit guilty for not going out - after all, I could just as easily be reading at home in Toronto, but I really was enjoying the change of pace. Just then an email came in that justified the day - a request for a freelance proofreading job. I could stay home and keep reading - for money! An hour and a half later I'd found some nicely obscure mistakes and felt like I'd earned my keep.

While working I had the notion to caramelize some onions. I'm not sure where this inspiration came from, although I've been watching Jamie Oliver and Roger Mooking's shows on the Cooking Channel most evenings. Wherever it came from, it was genius. I looked up a recipe from Cook's Illustrated, took out the two slightly sad onions in the fridge that were left over from our first grocery shopping trip to Safeway, and an hour later I had amazing caramelized onions.

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