Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 22, 2010: Washington - Southern Hospitality, The Black Squirrel, American Art Museum

Sunday morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of banana and chocolate chip pancakes (this must be that famous southern hospitality!) on the screened-in verandah at the back of Quoc and Delores' house - it's a beautiful property, sloping down to the trees - it felt like another, cooler season entirely from Washington DC.

In the afternoon I unveiled my secret plan - we were to go to The Black Squirrel, a nearby pub that I had passed before when we were exploring the Adams Morgan area. And not only was it fun since it had the same name as Jenn's blog and it recounted the story of the importation of the Ontario squirrels to Washington DC, but it also had great food - a seriously delicious hamburger, a very bacony club sandwich - and they were wacky enough to include absinthe on their drinks list.

After dropping Jenn off at Union Station at the end of the afternoon, Mark and I stopped in at the American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery so that I could show him my favourites from my previous two visits.

Photo: Jenn at the Black Squirrel pub

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