Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010: Toronto - Eating Well

We've been eating well since getting home. The first evening we rummaged through the garden for a pasta dinner with a medley of fresh vegetables. It was just really exciting to discover what was growing, instead of going shopping.

Saturday morning's trip to St. Lawrence market resulted in a dinner of barbecued fresh corn (better than any corn we were able to get in Washington - they don't have the peaches and cream variety), salmon (there's a record run of sockeye in the Fraser River, so Mark was very excited to get some of that while it's on), two small eggplants from the garden, and a salad of mizuna, tomato, basil and cucumber, also from the garden.

And yesterday I went on something of a cooking marathon, which was odd since the weather was up to 34 degrees and I had the oven going for hours. Nevertheless I made a peach pie, with fresh peaches from the market, and pastry made from scratch using Cook's Illustrated's recipe using vodka as the secret ingredient for great flakiness. Then for dinner I roasted plum tomatoes and shelled bush and purple pole beans with thyme and rosemary (all from the garden) plus some pancetta, served with chard (also from the garden). It's great to have so much time to cook up ambitious meals, and to have so much fresh produce to work with from that's right at our doorstep.

In the works: figuring out how to use our bumper crop of chard!

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