Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 3, 2010: Washington - The Building Museum, A Mexican Siesta, The Library

I had been debating whether it would be worth a visit to the Building Museum, but I'm glad I went. It had a combination of architectural and urban planning exhibits, which were really good. The building itself was great too; originally the pension office, it was designed with a huge central atrium to promote natural light and airflow for all the offices. At the time it was built it was the largest brick building in the world. There was another exhibit of architectural wonders of the world, recreated in Lego, but it had an entry fee of five dollars, and was sold out until the 4pm time slot - might have been fun, but not really worth sticking around that long for.

As I left the museum to visit the library, I realized I was passing by the restaurant where we had our great Mexican dinner on Saturday night. So I stopped in for a little siesta - or at least a break and a snack. I tried another item from the squash blossom menu (which ends this Saturday) - a quesadilla. I also had the taco of confit of baby pig that I had been eyeing before. Both were delicious, and with the free order of chips and salsa that came with them, it was a pretty reasonably priced mid-afternoon mini-meal.

I picked up a number of books at the library on urban farming, backyard chickens and green roofs and living walls - all things to daydream about for when we're established back at home again.

Photos: exterior of the Building Museum; interior (note how massive the pillars are - but they aren't really stone); the incredibly high ceiling with a line of busts as decoration (not all unique - the same handful of busts repeats numerous times)

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