Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010: Washington - Leonardo da Vinci, Pork Shoulder Roast

Today there was a free noon showing of a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci at the National Geographic Society. I'd already been to the exhibition, so went down just for the movie. The theatre was large and surprisingly full. The documentary was good - it covered the earlier part of his life, and focused on both his artwork and his mechanical inventions. A few of his designs were recreated (a hot air balloon, an armoured tank) and turned out to be quite serviceable, considering that he didn't get the opportunity to build or test most of his ideas.

And after the show it was back home to cook up the pork shoulder we bought at the farmer's market on Sunday. I had to hunt around a bit in order to round up all the ingredients (of course bay leaves would be the only thing sold out in the spice section at Safeway) but it turned out well in the end. And now we'll eat roast pork for leftovers the next few days!

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