Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011: Grenoble - Bonne Anniversaire Mon Mari, Happy Strontium, Tree of Life

Today was Mark's birthday, so I made him a birthday cake - our now-standard chocolate fondant banana "brownies" with icing on top. I couldn't resist geeking out with a chemistry theme, so I made Mark's names out of chemical elements, and wished him a Happy Strontium (since it's the 38th element).

After dinner we went out to see the new Terence Mallick film "Tree of Life", which had just recently been well-received at the Cannes Film Festival. Very strange. A strange mash-up of science explains the beginning of the universe with family drama. But there's no real drama in the end. Can't say I'd recommend it, but it was a unique experience.

I'd like to point out that, had anything other than brown and pink icing been available at the Monoprix, I would not have decorated Mark's "cake" with a girly colour

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