Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011: Grenoble - Reading, Photos, Mail

Today I finished reading one French-based book and started another.

I finished "Chocolat", which was a fairly good novel, although the plot and character arcs were improved upon when it was made into a movie. But especially fun for me is remembering the movie character Vianne, played by Juliet Binoche, who looks just like one of the vendors at our local market. Many of the Easter customs and myths that I've been learning about here came up in the book, since it's set in the lead-up to Easter. And I have a greater appreciation for the role of the chocolaterie in the village, now that I've visited several in France.

I started "Paris to the Moon", which is a series of essays by Adam Gopnik on his years spent living in Paris. I've read it before but it's been a long time, and now that I'm in France it resonates more. Plus it's a guide to some things to see and do as I plan my trip to Paris (like the taxidermy store Desrolles!).

Also today: catching up on processing photos (there always seems to be a backlog) and sending mail (which gets easier every time I go).

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