Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011: Grenoble - French/English, Eating Out, Lecture, Botanical, Eating Out Again

This morning it was French/English coffee chat. I ordered a citronnade (lemonade) because it feels like summer - even more so knowing that it snowed yesterday in Toronto!

I went out for lunch, which again felt like summer - sitting in the sun with short sleeves. Delicious savoury buckwheat crêpe with salad. I'm going to miss the crêpes when we go home - the texture that they're able to achieve here is remarkable - delicate and flexible while still crunchy and bubbly.

In the afternoon it was out to the university with Mark, who was giving a lecture to the biology students. Just after meeting our host Mark mentioned that I've done a number of botanical illustrations. He exclaimed that he had something, popped out to his office, and returned with a lovely portfolio of botanical illustrations that have been done by resident artists at the university's alpine research station. He noted that we might be able to go up there for a visit later in the season, which would be beautiful.

After the lecture we toured around some of the research facilities and then went for dinner at Les Trois Dauphins. I had a very large salad with melted St Marcellin cheese on toasted bread. Then I failed to put much of a dent in the veal liver with potatoes. I did, however, manage to finish my crème brûlée - it was the best I've had yet since arriving in France.

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