Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011: Grenoble - Laundry, Painting en Plein Air

The first half of today was laundry - not much to report there, except that I shouldn't have skimped on the dryers - if I'd used both instead of just one I might have saved myself an hour of waiting, and the pants wouldn't have come out dry yet wrinkled.

In the afternoon Dominique and I went painting in the Jardin du Ville. What an odd experience - there were lots of people in the park, and as we sat and worked we attracted quite a bit of attention. One fellow in particular became enamoured of Dominique - he presented her with a packet of drawings and messages, which would have been creepy but I think he was a bit mentally challenged, so it was really just a sweet gesture. One other fellow seemed to be working his way up from complimenting my painting to hitting on me, but since everything he was saying was in French it was a bit lost on me, and my "mercis" seemed to shut him down. Next time a slightly more isolated spot would be an improvement. Also, it would help if I remember to wear my wedding ring!

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