Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011: Grenoble - Post Office, Rain, Recipes

Our mail has arrived - Mark's diploma and our marriage certificate, courtesy of Denise's quick work. Now I'll get to work on having it translated and then we'll tackle the Préfecture again.

Finally some rain this afternoon, after seeing it predicted many times but not falling. And yet, still what I would only call a light sprinkle back home - I haven't actually heard the rain hit the ground. But it was enough that I took my umbrella when I went shopping at the Monoprix for supper.

Supper: couscous and arugula topped with stir-fried chicken, tomatoes and radishes. The radishes are a bit random, but they were in the fridge, and I haven't been using them up as fast as I had imagined I would. I had intended to buy chicken thighs, but it was only chicken breast for sale in the supermarket. I could have, however, bought two different cuts of rabbit.

One of Mark's co-workers enjoyed the brownies he made so much that she asked for the recipe. To be funny, Mark tore off the box top from mix package and brought it in. When he handed it to her she turned it over, thinking he'd written it on the other side. When she realized that the brownies were made from a store-bought mix she was appalled. Mark tried to explain about the extra ingredients we'd added to elevate it beyond the box (the banana, the chestnut honey, the chunks of Lindt chili-flavoured chocolate) but he's pretty sure she didn't take it in. Ah well.

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