Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 09, 2011: Grenoble - Reading, Drawing, Cooking, Phone Home

Another quiet day with a fair bit of reading: finishing a re-read of my favourite "Doomsday Book" by Connie Willis; discovering that Lindsey Davis' ancient Roman-era mysteries are available as e-books from the Toronto Public Library (and I've got half a dozen of her books to catch up on); and editing more chapters on one of Jenn's novels. I think there's something about traveling that makes me want to read historical novels - is it the older buildings, or the visits to museums and historic sites?

Finally tore myself away and went for a walk around town (because really, it would be a shame to let all this lovely sunshine go to waste), letting myself get a bit lost while wandering, because I know enough streets by now to bump into something familiar and re-orient myself. Sat down for a while to do a little drawing of one charming pedestrian-only street, although it was a bit chilly in the shade to sit for long, so I'm not entirely happy with the drawing.

For super I made chicken soup from the remains of Sunday's market roast chicken. Quite probably my best chicken soup yet - not sure if the French chicken was the magic touch, or the fact that I hadn't picked the bones quite so dry as usual. One way or another we were pleased. As an impulse purchase I had bought some cider at the store - a gentler cider than you can usually find in Canada, with a lower alcohol content. We easily shared the bottle for desert.

And we confirmed that I had indeed managed to buy a "phone card" the other day. Went I went to the store (un Tabac) and asked for a "carte pour téléphoner à Canada" the woman behind the counter launched into a wordy explanation of some kind. I had no idea what she was saying, but she mimed punching in a code on a keypad, which seemed promising so I said "je pense que ca". She took my credit card, rang up a purchase of 7.80 Euros, and then waited a while for a receipt to print. Then she pointed out to me the number to telephone and the code to enter. When we tried it last night it did indeed work, allowing us to put a call through to Mark's dad (although he wasn't home to pick up).

The cider - and other recent bottles (wine, and a cocktail of fruits from Provence)

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