Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 08, 2011: Grenoble - Open House, Around Town, Board Game

This morning I went to an English-speaking get-together of the group Open House. I found them by having done a Google search for "hiking in Grenoble without a car" and finding Maureen Walsh's blog about her year living in Grenoble. I left a comment on her blog that I'd be traveling to Grenoble soon, she wrote back, and soon I had an expat in Grenoble to ask questions of. She invited me to the Open House get-together, which would be our first time meeting face to face.

Maureen stopped by our apartment on the way, and we walked over to Caserne de Bonne to one of the coffee shops. There I met several people, among them a fellow Canadian who has been here several years, and a British woman (also named Julie) who has been here for several months.

After the get-together ended (at 11:30 promptly - the cafe tosses everyone out then - I suppose so they can get ready for the lunch rush?), Julie and I went for a long walk around town. She showed me many of the useful places she's found: an English cinema, the Bookworm Cafe (which has new and used English books), good restaurants, a nice hat shop, an Italian grocery store, a fishmonger, etc. It was helpful to walk around with someone who knew the streets so well - they are starting to knit together (somewhat) into a mental map of how to navigate.

For dinner I made a casserole of eggs, milk, bread, goat's cheese, comté cheese, sautéed spinach, sausage, onion and garlic. It was a delicious dish, made almost entirely from our market purchases on Sunday.

And after dinner it was my choice of entertainment - we tried out a new scenario in Settlers of Catan (which was the one game I packed for this trip, since it folds up fairly small). Reading the new rules and finding the pieces probably took almost as long as the gameplay itself, but it was worth it - since I won.

The casserole, the next day. Hard to photograph looking as delicious as it tasted...

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