Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010: Oahu, Hawaii - We Arrive in Waikiki

We've landed in Waikiki, where Mark's conference is taking place. Our hotel, the Hawaii Prince, is like a time capsule of glamour from The Golden Girls - in our bedroom, a stereo is built into the bedside table. Our shuttle driver told us this was one of the best hotels - it's where all the pilots stay while in town. Hard to believe, but I can only imagine that there hasn't been any room for new hotel development in the area in the past two decades - Waikiki is chock-a-block with hotels and high-end shopping, and no room left for much of anything else.

But we're on the water, and close to the conference center. After an over-the-top kalua pork sandwich in the afternoon, and the worst pizza of all time in the evening (I've had better in a highschool cafeteria) we go to bed. Actually, we go for a nice walk first along the beach - lots of flaming torches, tree-shaded seating areas and a lagoon by the hotel next to us. The beach at night is peaceful and the weather is great - comfortably warm with a nice breeze.

Photo: the view over the harbour from our hotel room

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