Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010: San Francisco - California Academy of Sciences

On our last full day in San Francisco we go to the California Academy of Sciences. This building had not yet been built the last time I visited the city, several years ago. And since meeting Paul Kephart, who helped create its massive green roof, I've been doubly excited to see it.

We weren't disappointed. The aquariums had a great variety of ocean life. The rain forest was huge, with a fun stage-set like painted backdrop in contrast to the growing plants and undulating roof. The museum lets you go up to the roof to see the plants up close (although you can't actually walk on them).

I span a great tree trunk, and am surprisingly pleased at doing so

Under the aquarium, with fish swimming overhead

Strange feathery underwater life

The green roof!

Under the green roof, in the rainforest

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