Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12, 2010: San Francisco - Urban Walks in Oakland

After brunch in Berkeley David took us on some of his favourite urban walks in Berkeley/Piedmont/Oakland. The steep hills make the residential neighbourhoods so interesting to explore, with narrow lanes and staircases connecting streets in unexpected ways. And, in contrast to Toronto, it seems tropical - trees fruiting in December, floral scents in the air, and bright sunlight tempered by hints of fog.

We also spend some time in the tremendously well-stocked sci fi/fantasy bookstore Dark Carnival. I bought obscure books by several favourite authors.

Berkeley - not as nuclear free as it thinks (apparently there's some university research work that negates this sign...)

You might expect to see this darkly-humoured decor at Hallowe'en, but I can only assume it's permanent 

David and Mark, as our urban hike takes us through a park

Beautiful tall trees

Unusual pyramid crypt in Mountain View Cemetery, whose grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (landscape designer of Central Park in NYC as well)

Lake Merritt in Oakland, as evening falls

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