Friday, June 24, 2011

Things We Miss About Canada

Couch: We miss having a couch to sit on together in the evenings. We only have hard-backed kitchen chairs and the bed. We don't like lying down in bed to watch tv. We're really looking forward to relaxing on the couch when we get home.

Cereal without chocolate: I'm not much for sweets at breakfast, and Mark even less so. I've only found one satisfactory cereal without chocolate, and it's at a store that is rather far away. I've bought several boxes at a time to stock up, but one run of boxes was all stale - then we had four boxes to get through. Of course this is a country that regards breakfast as nothing more than coffee and a pastry. At best you might have a variety of breads, pastries and jam. So hoping for a hearty, healthy cereal is a bit of a stretch.

Kale: Why is there no kale for sale in this country? I actually did a Google search and found someone else who wondered the same thing. There are many other beautiful greens: cabbage, lettuce, arugula, spinach. But we miss the stronger taste and texture of kale that makes it such a great green for sauteing. We're looking forward to picking it from our garden when we get home - we should have at least three varieties to choose from.

Keyless exits: We have to lock our apartment door with a key in order to keep it shut. Which means you have to find your key in order to open it and exit. I have horrible visions of what happens in a fire, as you search for your keys in the smoke, hoping to get out in time.

Microwave: I miss having a microwave in the kitchen for fast defrosting of ingredients and easy re-heating of leftovers with drying out the food. I have, however, developed a method for defrosting frozen berries for our breakfast cereal, by adding a bit of boiling water, and it does give me superior results to the microwaving I used to use.

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