Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011: Grenoble - Last Day, Bank, Clean, Laundry, Last Dinner, Band

Last day in Grenoble. I returned our carte bleue to the bank; when we return to Canada we'll contact them for the transfer of our remaining Euros. I cleaned the apartment and got rid of things we won't be bringing back (we return home with the same number of suitcases as we arrived with, so very little room for souvenirs). I did a last batch of laundry to get us through the next 10 days of travel before we actually arrive back home. And we went out for a last dinner of pizza in the town square. There was a pop-up band that played nearby during dinner, which was a final, wacky touch.

Grenoble - it's been great. There are some who say Grenoble isn't a beautiful French city - it does have its share of awkward concrete, modernist structures that haven't aged well. And it doesn't have a grand central square or a stunning cathedral. But it does have multiple small private squares, hidden around unexpected corners. And it has its fair share of charming old buildings, and a history going back almost 2000 years. And finally, its Alpine surroundings can't be beat for stunning scenery and amazing food. I'm sad to go and hope we'll have an opportunity to return - there's still so much that I haven't seen or fully savoured.

But, now that we know we're on our way home, we're getting eager to get there. First we travel to Berlin, where Mark will give some lectures at the university. Then we'll pass through Manchester, to pay a visit to Mark's relatives.

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