Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 18, 2010: New York City - First Sushi, High Line

I've always avoided sushi, other than vegetarian, due to my childhood fish allergies. But after recent visits to an allergy specialist, I've been encouraged to try eating some fish, since it looks like any reactions I'm likely to have won't be serious.

So Jenn took me for my first sushi meal. All in all it was quite good - I was surprised by the delicate texture and taste of the tuna and salmon. I also had the eel, which was cooked, and very savoury.

After lunch we visited the High Line Park, which I was excited to see more than a year after my first visit, when it had just opened. It's amazing how much the plants have filled in - some spots are positively forest-like with the trees and undergrowth. There must be a pretty extensive irrigation system - the park is basically a green roof over the open roadway space beneath, since it's all built on a former elevated rail line.

It was just as busy and lively as last year, with people clearly enjoying the way this green space passes through and contrasts with the industrial buildings surrounding it. There are a number of art works installed along the way that call attention to these built urban features; the viewing gallery suspended over the busy street was also packed with people watching cars pass underneath - I love how the park isn't a space that ignores where it's situated.

At the end is a map of the future planned park land - there's still lots more rail line to convert. It will be fantastic when the park stretches for miles on end.

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