Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 11, 2010: Toronto - Edible Tree Tour

Mark and I went on an Edible Tree Tour, organized by LEAF and Not Far From the Tree. What a great idea!

We started at a public park at the Eglinton West subway station where a community orchard has been planted - fruit trees that, as they mature, will be harvested. Hard to believe, but some neighbours vigorously protested the fruit trees, concerned that there would be bees swarming the park. Joe Pantalone was instrumental in helping to navigate the unusual request by a community group to plant fruit trees in a public park - I want Joe to be our mayor.

Next was a walk through parkland, noting edible trees and plants en route. We ended up in a residential neighbourhood, historically Italian, where everyone was excited to note fruit trees in people's yards. Not Far From the Tree was harvesting one apple tree, on a property where the fruit would have otherwise fallen to the ground and gone to waste.

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